Exegetical (1)

Exegetical Happy Hour

First Tuesday of the Month
4:30 – 6:00pm
Cheers Neighborhood Grill

Exegesis is a Greek word defined as, “a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text. Traditionally the term was used primarily for work with the Bible.”

We gather together the first Tuesday of each month and read through the scripture for the month. We’ll discuss our own interpretations and experiences with the scripture. All while enjoying a Happy Hour together. You can come and go as your schedule allows. Consider it an exegetical open house.


Adult Forum on Sunday mornings between services
Led by Sue Bergeson

We are doing a video series titled, “Living the Questions.” Each video can stand alone so you can come and go week to week, as your schedule allows.

Invitation to Journey
Oct. 10 – An Invitation to Journey
Oct. 17 – Taking the Bible Seriously
Oct. 24 – Thinking Theologically
Oct. 31 – Stories of Creation
Nov. 7 – Homeless Shelter Sunday – no forum
Nov. 14 – Lives of Jesus
Nov. 21 – A Passion for Christ: Paul
Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving weekend – no forum