Worship Experience

Sunday Services September – May

9 a.m. – Worship with Traditional Music

This service is true to the roots of the traditional Lutheran liturgy and worship style. Traditional hymns are sung to the wonderful sounds of the organ and piano.

11 a.m. – Worship with Contemporary Music

This service comes alive with contemporary Christian music, led by our Immanuel’s Take Joy band and vivid images that are projected to guide worshippers. Dramas are often used in this service; however, the liturgy remains faithful to our Lutheran heritage.

Memorial Day Weekend – Mid-September

10 a.m. – Combined Summer Service

During the summer, members of Immanuel unite the traditional and contemporary services. We follow the traditional Lutheran liturgy with a mix of our band, Take Joy, the organ and piano. The blended summer service allows for us to remember that while we prefer different worship styles we are still one church united in Christ.