Come and Worship!

Do you seek joy, peace, love, purpose? Come and worship.

Do you seek comfort, support, guidance, companionship? Come and worship.

Do you seek answers to your prayers? Come and worship.

Do you seek Christ? Come and worship.

Immanuel Lutheran Church is a growing group of young and old, couples and singles, wealthy and less wealthy, healthy and challenged, left and right politically. We have college students, farmers, office workers, entrepreneurs, retired, law enforcement, medical personnel, educators, gardeners . . . Some drive motorcycles, convertibles, accessible vans, trucks and even regular cars. We have tattoos, long hair, no hair, dyed hair, grey hair, blue jeans, suits and ties. And with the strength of this diversity we work together, we play together, we debate and discuss together, and most important we pray and serve together.
As God’s children we gather together around God’s living Word and life-giving sacraments to lift praise. God is moving among us and we are keeping our eyes wide-open to see what God will reveal. Come and worship.