Prayer Stations

Those who wish to use the prayer stations without crowds can come and use them at any time. For those who wish to see some familiar faces as we gather to pray, Pastor Dana will be at the church

Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m.
The prayer stations will change every Wednesday.


Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is both very old and very new – it uniquely fits the times we are experiencing by allowing us a few moments to listen, think, pray, and move forward refreshed. “Based on the image of Jacob’s ladder, a twelfth century Carthusian monk named Guigo II described four steps of lectio divina: lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation). Through these four steps, God’s Word sinks deeper into our hearts and imagination.

Immanuel is using a simple process based on the work of the Central Minnesota Catholic Diocese

• Chose a passage from Sunday’s scripture readings or a passage you chose randomly.

• Briefly remind yourself what you will be doing. This might help:

  • I am listening to and thinking about a passage in scripture for a few minutes in silence. I will
    do this three times. Each time I will focus on a different question: What do I hear? What is
    God saying to me? What is God be calling me to do?”
  • It’s normal to have my mind wander - when it does refocus on the question.
  • Grounding is a concept that can help. I am unique. When I focus on myself and ground or
    center in who I am, I can focus more easily. I do not worry about what others might think or
    feel. There is no right response. This is paying attention to God speaking to me in all my

• Make yourself comfortable as you settle in for a time of quiet prayer. Breathe deeply to settle your
body and your mind, becoming aware that you are in God’s presence.

• Read the Scripture passage aloud. Spend a few moments in quiet reflection on the passage. What
word or phrase speaks to your heart? Speak that word or phrase aloud.

• Read the Scripture passage aloud a second time, keeping in mind the word or phrase that first spoke
to you. Spend a few moments in quiet reflection on what God may be saying to you through this
word or phrase. Consider writing down what this word or phrase means to you once you are done
with the brief meditation.

• Read the Scripture passage aloud for a third time. Spend a few moments in quiet reflection on how
God may be calling you to act through the word or phrase that spoke to you. One you are done with
the meditation, consider writing down how you feel God may be calling you to respond.

• Close with Prayer.